Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Enable comment sync between Jira and
With our new comment sync feature, any action you take on a comment in Jira—posting, deleting, or editing—will automatically update in
Now, instead of juggling between the two platforms, you can handle all chat interactions from Jira!
You can manage the visibility of comments and toggle the feature on or off from the newly introduced
Integration page
, where you’ll find all relevant integration settings.
  • You can now change the visibility of a comment straight from the feedback page.
  • External users that do not have a account can easily be added to your team via the “Add” button on the user avatar.
You can enjoy two-way sync of Jira comments on an active Team Plan or higher.
Trust that your data is safe thanks to our SOC 2 Type 2 Certification is officially certified as a SOC 2 Type 2 company, demonstrating our commitment to data security and safety for our customers.
What is SOC 2?
SOC 2 is a set of standards for managing customer data based on security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. This certification is important as it confirms that we adhere to strong processes and policies, audited by a third party.
Who audited us?
An independent auditor, Insight Assurance, verified our adherence to SOC 2 standards.
Why is it important?
As a customer, you can have the confidence that we adhere to strong processes and policies. Because the audit is done by a 3rd party, it gives a stamp of approval on how we operate internally.
To learn more, read our blog post announcement here or visit our security and privacy portal here.
Allow members to post internal comments
Discuss issues internally before replying to your guest reporters.
With our new internal comments feature, you can write member-only notes, visible only to your team! On top of that, we also introduced shortcuts to easily change the comment visibility. 🎉
When adding a comment, you can choose between these two options:
💬: Allows everyone to see your comment. All reporters are getting notified by email.
🔒: Only members will see your comment and will get notified by email.
The screenshot below shows the new comment composer in action!
CleanShot 2024-01-31 at 12
Jan 2024 enhancements
Improvements ✨
  • Basecamp
    : Support search of projects for Basecamp when creating a new Project
  • Button visibility
    : Add ?feedback as a secret parameter url to reveal the button
  • Feedback page
    : Always show the title of the feedback above the description to make sure long titles are always readable
  • Editor
    : Improve stability on very slow machines
  • Monday .com
    : Support for native status field
Bug fixes 🐞
  • Feedback dashboard
    : Fixed a bug where some members were not listed as reporters when trying to filter feedback
  • Button visibility
    : Fixed bug where widget would not reappear after submitting feedback.
  • Monday .com
    : Fixed the integration after breaking changes from Monday .com API
  • Feedback received email
    : Use feedback domain instead of project domain in emails
  • Screenshot renderer
    : Fixed a bug where the screenshot was not correctly taken on some websites
  • Session replay
    : Fixed a bug where the session replay was not correctly rendered on some websites
Security 🔒
  • Fix vulnerabilities
    : Deployed infrastructure upgrades and fixes
Collect website feedback as new To-dos in Basecamp.
If your team uses Basecamp for task management, you're going to
this update!
Now, you can collect bug reports and website feedback from your website directly into Basecamp. This integration also ensures that issues are automatically marked as completed when a To-do is closed in Basecamp.
Learn more here
Check out the Basecamp demo video below 👇
bug figing & improvements
Oct 2023 enhancements
Improvements ✨
  • Asana
    : Added support for the new Editor role in the widget
  • Shortcut
    : Create new projects based on Epics instead of deprecated Shortcut projects.
  • Feedback list
    : Added a direct link to access your dev tools and session replay from your list of feedback.
Bug fixes 🐞
  • Login code
    : Fixed a bug where users were unable to log in if they entered the login code in lowercase
  • Attachments
    : Fixed a bug where quotes in the filename were preventing the upload of the attachments.
  • Feedback page
    : Fixed a bug where users couldn't scroll down in the feedback page
  • Asana
    : Fixed a bug where new feedback created in Asana that contained <script> or <html> was failing.
Impoved project access management
We've improved how you can manage access to your projects. Inside each project, in the top right corner, you will see a button to invite people and manage project access.
CleanShot 2023-08-01 at 12
By default, all workspace members have access to your projects.
When you invite new people from there, they will be added as free Guests - unless they have an email with an allowed domain in which case they will be added as Members.
CleanShot 2023-08-01 at 12
If you do not have the "allowed domain" feature enabled, the best way to invite members is under your workspace settings here:
Typed values inside fields are now captured in screenshots
Before, when you captured a screenshot with the widget, typed values inside fields (eg: contact form, search field, ..) were not
captured in the screenshot.
Now, all typed-in values are captured and visible on the screenshot. Capturing these values will help developers better understand reported issues.
Automatically record network requests
Debugging new issues has just gotten a lot easier. When you enable Network Request Recording, your developers will be able to review failed and successful requests under the new Dev tools tab.
CleanShot 2023-07-19 at 16
To enable it, go to your
Developer tools
Network Requests
More info
bug figing & improvements
July 2023 enhancements
Improvements ✨
  • Dev tools
    : Console & network recording can now be disabled before installing the widget
  • Linear
    : Search issues by task ID, not just title
  • Notion
    : Improved search in user fields
  • Bubble-io
    : Added a new install guide for customers using bubble-io
Bug fixes 🐞
  • Parent field
    : Fixed saving of default value in Parent fields (for integrations that support sub-items)
  • Session replay
    : Enable or disable session replay recording when using the browser extension
  • Screenshot on Android
    : Fixed a bug with screenshots captured on Android
  • Webhooks
    : Assignee data is now sent properly
  • Monday-com
    : Rating fields are now displayed correctly
  • Password
    : Fixed an issue where users could not reset their password
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