Enhanced Column Customization in Feedback Portal
To enable the addition of customizable columns in the Marker.io feedback portal, tailored to various integrations such as Asana, Trello, etc. Suggested columns include:
  • Priority
  • Tags (for Asana integration)
  • Labels (for Trello integration)
  • Assignee (to identify responsible developers)
  • Most Recent Activity (to sort feedback by the latest updates)
Key Benefits:
  • Improved Organization:
    Enhances the categorization and sorting of feedback.
  • Efficient Prioritization:
    Aids in the rapid and effective prioritization of tasks and feedback.
  • Up-to-date Tracking:
    Ensures the most recent feedback and activities are easily accessible and actionable.
The introduction of customizable columns, specific to each integration like Asana and Trello, aims to optimize the feedback management process in Marker.io. This enhancement is expected to boost productivity, provide clearer guidance in task prioritization, and allow for sorting feedback by the most recent activity to maintain an up-to-date workflow.
Created by Joe Scanlon
October 6, 2023