Flexibility in Changing Project Connections
Allow users to change the connection of their existing Marker.io projects to different project management tools or to different projects within the same tool. This feature aims to provide greater flexibility and ease in managing project transitions.
Current Limitation
At present, once a Marker.io project is created, it cannot be switched to a different integration or a different project within the same tool without creating a new Marker.io project.
Proposed Solution
  • Switching Integration Project:
    Enable users to change the connection of an existing project. For instance, switching from Trello board A to Trello board B seamlessly.
  • Switching Integration Tool
    For example, switching from Trello to Jira.
  • Adding Integrations to Existing Projects:
    Allow users to add an integration to a project that was initially set up without any integration.
  • Saves Time:
    Reduces the need to set up new projects from scratch for every change.
  • Maintains Continuity:
    Keeps the history and context intact, aiding in seamless transitions.
  • Increases Flexibility:
    Adapts to the dynamic needs of project management.
Further details
For more details, see our guide here: