bug figing & improvements
Oct 2023 enhancements
Improvements ✨
  • Asana
    : Added support for the new Editor role in the widget
  • Shortcut
    : Create new projects based on Epics instead of deprecated Shortcut projects.
  • Feedback list
    : Added a direct link to access your dev tools and session replay from your list of feedback.
Bug fixes 🐞
  • Login code
    : Fixed a bug where users were unable to log in if they entered the login code in lowercase
  • Attachments
    : Fixed a bug where quotes in the filename were preventing the upload of the attachments.
  • Feedback page
    : Fixed a bug where users couldn't scroll down in the feedback page
  • Asana
    : Fixed a bug where new feedback created in Asana that contained <script> or <html> was failing.