Jan 2024 enhancements
Improvements ✨
  • Basecamp
    : Support search of projects for Basecamp when creating a new Project
  • Button visibility
    : Add ?feedback as a secret parameter url to reveal the button
  • Feedback page
    : Always show the title of the feedback above the description to make sure long titles are always readable
  • Editor
    : Improve stability on very slow machines
  • Monday .com
    : Support for native status field
Bug fixes 🐞
  • Feedback dashboard
    : Fixed a bug where some members were not listed as reporters when trying to filter feedback
  • Button visibility
    : Fixed bug where widget would not reappear after submitting feedback.
  • Monday .com
    : Fixed the integration after breaking changes from Monday .com API
  • Feedback received email
    : Use feedback domain instead of project domain in emails
  • Screenshot renderer
    : Fixed a bug where the screenshot was not correctly taken on some websites
  • Session replay
    : Fixed a bug where the session replay was not correctly rendered on some websites
Security 🔒
  • Fix vulnerabilities
    : Deployed infrastructure upgrades and fixes