Improvements ✨
  • Feedback list:
    Added counter in the list of feedback to show at a glance how many issues are Open, Resolved or Archived
  • Added support of the Assignee field in Monday.com
  • Speed optimization:
    Added pagination to the list of projects on your dashboard to improve speed
  • Webhooks:
    Added an extra type "Support" in the Webhook integration
  • Feedback management:
    Added a "Select all feedback" button in the list of feedback
  • Search query in URL:
    Added the search query to the URL when searching for specific feedback.
    Tip: you can share this URL with your team!
  • UI Improvement:
    Updated the UI for the Status Sync setting: it's now clearer and easier to understand how the status sync works
  • Broken project integration email
    : If your project's integration link gets broken, we now email all admins to warn them and help them fix their project faster
Bug fixes 🐞
  • Support access:
    Fixed a bug where the question mark to contact support was not accessible when a modal was open in the app
  • In-app help:
    Fixed a few helpdesk links that were not pointing to the correct article
  • Billing:
    Fixed a bug where the invoices were not available for 2 hours for returning old customers
  • Extension:
    Fixed the link to the Chrome Extension
  • Webhooks:
    Fixed a bug where the old name of Webhook projects was still shown after being changed
  • Asana
    : Fixed a bug where some links in the task descriptions were preventing the creation of tasks from Marker.io to Asana